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LITTLE LADY PREACHER (Tom T. Hall) Tom T. Hall - 1971 Oh, the little lady preacher from the Limestone Church I'll never forget her, I guess She preached each Sunday mornin' on the local radio With a big black Bible and a snow white dress She was nineteen years of age and was developed to a fault But I will admit she knew the Bible well A little white lace hankie marked the text that she would use She'd breathe into that microphone and send us all to Hell She had a guitar picker by the name of Luther Short A hairy legged soul lost out in sin She would turn and smile at Luther when the programme would commence With a voice as sweet as angels' she would break out in a hymn I was pickin' for her too with what we called the doghouse bass I clung to every word that passed her lips She was down on booze and cigarettes and high on days to come And she'd punctuate the prophecy with movements of her hips The Lord knows how I loved her, he was there each time she preached But old Luther took her home each Sunday morn Lookin' back I still recall the way it hurt my tender pride I longed to be a hero, but they're made not born Sometimes old Luther showed up at the studio half tight And smokin' was a thing he liked to do She never said a word to him, but said a prayer for me I told her in a way that I'd been praying for her too One Sunday her old man showed up and said that she was gone Said she and brother Luther had a call I can see me standin' in that studio that day I had to face the heartbreak, unemployment and all I don't know where they are 'cause I ain't seen them people since Lord, if I judge 'em let me give 'em lots of room I know Luther Short and he's a hard old boy to change And I've often sat and wondered who it was converted whom (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - July 2012)


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