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A LITTLE LEARNIN' IS A DANG'ROUS THING (Sy Oliver / Dick Jacobs) Frank Sinatra & Pearl Bailey - 1947 SIDE ONE: FS: Hey Pearl, what's buggin' ya, girl? PB: Too much knowledge, Frank, too much knowledge FS: Explain it PB: Well, aah, ahh, I started to school FS: Umm-hum PB: At the age of six FS: One o' them real quiz kids PB: Yeah, started readin' and writin' and such FS: Usual start PB: As time went on I studied lots of, whee, other things FS: Uh-huh, like uh PB: Most of 'em didn't hurt much FS: Oh, I had other teachers PB: Well, I got my diploma, I was real, real smart FS: That's pretty frank PB: Of my knowledge, there was no doubt FS: That's pretty obvious PB: Yeah, but lately I've ascertained, that's a big word, too FS: Hah-hah-hah PB: It wasn't even a start, let me tell you what I found out FS: Look at the size of my ear, pour it on PB: You know it started with a man FS: Uh-hah PB: And the man he was grand FS: Ain't it the truth PB: He had a line that would make a bird sing FS: Well, this kid really came on, I can see that FS: 'Cause you were much too smart to be afraid at the start PB: Frank, a little learnin' is a dang'rous thing FS: Well, I'd like to hear some more PB: At first he only wanted two FS: To? PB: Then he changed it to few FS: Oh, you mean loot PB: I even loaned that man my watch and my ring FS: Oh, you lost your head, Pearl, completely FS: 'Cause you were hip to the fact that he would pay you right back PB: Yes, and learnin' is a dang'rous thing FS: Um-hmm FS: Yes, with his sweet talk, his so discreet talk PB: Oh, Frank, he had me doin' things I shouldn't do FS: That Cad! PB: Hah-hah FS: Ain't no denyin', no sense in tryin' PB: Well, let me tell you this, this is sad PB: My education's beat black and blue FS: I'll get you an encyclopedio PB: Yeah, but now I know the score at last FS: Well, now I'm happier PB: I'm a gal with a past that left my head hot and purse in a sling FS: You mean you got yourself in hock PB: Yes, it's understood, that brother clipped me, but good BOTH: A little learnin' can be a dang'rous thing FS: Yeah, girl, that's the kinda stuff you gotta watch for PB: Oh, it makes me so nervous FS: Sure does, shakes you up SIDE TWO: FS: Yeah, like I said, that knowledge can mess up your life at times PB: Oh, it makes you so nervous, I shot a blank PB: Now what's with you, Frank? FS: Well, dig me, I started to school, just like all kids do PB: You mean you were young once FS: I was the Mickey Rooney of my day FS: Learned my lessons and got along fine PB: You old social climber FS: And then as time went on I learned a lot of other things PB: You clever boy FS: Um-hmm, and I really had myself a jolly time PB: I can imagine as much FS: I never played any fav'rites 'cause, uh, I was much too smart PB: You think you were much too smart, wait'll you get further down FS: Had my boots on and I had 'em laced up tight PB: Kids talked like that in your era? FS: We wrote the book, Pearl, but then I made a mistake PB: Most men do FS: Um-hmm, I should have known from the start PB: Most men don't FS: Uh-huh, let me tell you what happened last night PB: This is not dated material? FS: Stand back FS: 'Cause it started with a gal PB: Always does FS: And her name, it was Sal PB: Sounds corny FS: Oh, she was cute, she was as fine as a bird on the wing PB: You always could pick 'em PB: But you were much too bright to fall in love the first night FS: But, uh, a little learnin' is a dang'rous thing PB: I told ya that on the other side of the record FS: And then we danced for a time or two, till she said she was blue PB: Oh-oh, there it is FS: I right away I was doin' the thing PB: Just rushin' through life FS: 'Cause I was hip to the fact that I could, uh, always jump back PB: Sure thing FS: But a little learnin' is a dang'rous thing PB: Yes, it is FS: She made with sweet talk PB: Um-hmmm FS: That so hard to beat talk PB: You know what, Frank FS: What's that? PB: I know she even call you darlin' lover man FS: You been eavesdroppin' PB: Yes, I have FS: That really sent me, coincidently FS: I should have known enough then to scram PB: No man is ever that clever, that rhymes FS: Well, now I guess you know it all, least that's all I recall PB: That's all you'll ever recall FS: 'Cept the part 'bout the man with the ring PB: Oh, you're gone again FS: In case it's news to you, this mornin' I said 'I do' PB: Oh, you dog FS: A little learnin' is a dang'rous, is a dangerous thing PB: Oh, it's pure treachery, treachery FS: Trapped, trapped! **Considered to be the first ever "interracial" duet recording. (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - January 2015)


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