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LITTLE MAN, YOU'VE HAD A BUSY DAY (Mabel Wayne / Al Hoffman / Maurice Sigler) Emil Coleman - 1934 Isham Jones - 1934 Paul Robeson - 1934 Ray Noble Orch. (vocal: Al Bowlly) - 1934 Perry Como - 1958 Sarah Vaughan & Count Basie - 1961 Dakota Staton - 1972 Monica Borrfors- 1994 Also recorded by: Connee Boswell; Bing Crosby; Art Tatum. Evenin' breezes sighin', moon is in the sky Little man, it's time for bed Daddy's little hero is tired and wants to cry Now, come along and rest your weary head Little man, you're cryin', I know why you're blue Someone took your kiddy-car away You better go to sleep now Little man, you've had a busy day Johnny won your marbles, tell you what we'll do Dad'll get you new ones right away Better go to sleep now Little man, you've had a busy day You've been playin' soldier, the battle has been won The enemy is out of sight Come along there soldier, put away your gun The war is over for tonight Time to stop your schemin', time your day was through Can't you hear the bugle softly say Time you should be dreamin' Little man, you've had a busy day


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