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LITTLE PONY (Lambert / Hendricks / Ross) The Pointer Sisters Hurry up, dig a Little Pony I know. Say that so! I said hurry up, dig and Little Pony will blow. Ride, ride, ride! When he's blowin' pretty, what a musical treat. Say that so! Get him goin' steady, with a wonderful beat. Ride, ride, ride! Giddy up, giddy up, do me the ditty up. Giddy up, giddy up, go wake the city up. Giddy up, giddy up, once more I wanna repeat. (People pass word, he's the last word. That's the mass word) They don't dig 'til he's big, then they wig! I said hurry up, dig a Little Pony I know. Say that so! I said hurry up, dig and Little Pony will blow. Ride, ride, ride! Want to say a lot about a Little Pony. Wanna celebrate the night the Pony booted up the big beat. And every time he got to cookin' everybody started lookin'. I can't stop tellin' what he was doin' to blow as though his heart was in it every minute. Singin' with a pretty kind of sound Really givin' every pound Never actin' like the greatest cat around. Everybody dug and he had 'em really drinkin' Like they did a lot of swiggin' from a gallon jug And then he cooled a while, sentimental style. Later on a little while he had 'em swingin', Stompin' the floor. Little Pony went a-ridin' Illustratin' what a horn is really for. Had 'em comin' back for more. When they added up the score: Joy Galore! Been down east, did up the west, come to find this Little Pony's the best. Anywhere you go they gotta saddle Little Pony with a solid reputation, Down around the main street, over on the hipper beat. People think of Little Pony as a real king And his playin' is a pleasure-givin' thing. Blowin' a horn and ridin' go together And forever give the kind of thrill a lot of people never wanna end. But dig me tellin' about it, baby And I'm merely goin' through. He can figure it out an' do it. Blow your horn, do up the sound, Sing your song, you're really puttin' it down. A little bit of listenin' with a passable ear Will get an awful lot of messages anywhere. Ride Pony, ride! (That's me!) Be my wailin' guide (I'd like to be your wailin' guide.) Keep on singin', I dig you're bringin' the word. (Get a load, I'm really singin'!) Go, Pony go! (I really will go.) Put me in the know (I'd like to put you in the know.) Dig me wiggin' that way you're diggin' I heard. Anybody ever made it out to the coast They would tell you what I'm talkin' about - Little Pony wailin' on the alto saxophone, Hollerin' "giddy up" and "gallop!" Ball, Pony, ball. (I really will ball!) Don't be slow at all. Don't be bashful, be like you're blowin' for me. (Take it from me. Gotta move along speedily.) Go, on go! Gotta get along, gotta do the coda. (Stay, blow!) It's really the end, you see. (Go on!) Well, thanks a lot, be really baby, I must quit the scene, if you know what I mean. (Be back?) Hang around with me and you know it's a fact. You be for me, when you're hittin' the peak. Get a record that'll play a week. Could be good be-bop, could be.


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