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LITTLE WHITE SECRETS (Ellen Schwartz / Roger Bruno / Susan Pomerantz) Agnetha Fältskog (Sweden) It comes down to this Your little white secrets are coming between us Sooner or later they'll turn into little white lies And I know, yes I know That your passion's unspoken Out of control You think nobody knows I understand you I understand your little white secrets I understand you Your strength and your weakness I wanna know I wanna know you, inside out Every little thought you're ashamed about I understand you I understand your little white secrets Baby go easy You don't have to make me your judge and your jury It's bad enough when you come down so hard on yourself And I'll still be the one When you're scared and you're broken All alone in the dark Let me shake you right down to the heart Burning dreams hiding in your pillow Makes it hard when you try to live so perfectly Pretty eyes, dark as a shadow What do you think I'll see? Baby, you're just like me (Contributed by Shay Griffiths - April 2003)


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