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LIZA'S BACK (Fred Ebb / John Kander) Liza Minelli I took my bottle of pills And tossed them away I emptied the booze Went back to A.A. Hey, Broadway, Liza's back! I went to class To get ready to dance I dieted hard They took in my pants Hey, Brodway, Liza's back! No longer a kid But I'm beating the clock I'm healthy and happy And steady, and ready to rock! You know, I'm eager to please And if you will allow Got my foot in the door There's no stopping me now Hey, Broadway, Liza's back And she's okay! Hey, Broadway, Lookie hear If Liza may And here's what stream line Liza's got to say! YES!!! (Transcribed by Carlene Bogle - May 2005 From 2002 Live album, "Liza's Back")


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