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THE LOCK STEP >From the unfinished film "The March Of Time" (1930) (Music: Fred E. Ahlert / Lyrics: Roy Turk) Beth & Betty Dodge - 1930 Hot as any novelties are Simple as your A-B-C's are Watch it now, learn it now Try it now, get it now Lock step, aah, there's nothin' to it You'll never go wrong Lock step, aah, come on, let's do it Keep singin' along One hand on your partner's shoulder One hand on your hip One foot out and then you hold her Start doin' the dip Shake your drive, leave your pipes Start doin' the jailhouse wail Knock yourself, step like Californians Join in, have fun The lock step, it'll get you fizzin' Like bottles of pop Get hep to the new jazz rhythm lock step (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - December 2014)


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