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LONDON CALLS (Richard Eckersley / Wreford) Billy Cotton & His Band V. Billy Cotton London calls, great St. Paul’s, Booming out the fleeting hours Carried to the people on London Bridge, Muffled by the wintry showers, Half past ten, cold Big Ben, Time to go to bed and hear The melancholy hooting of tugs at night Passing some deserted pier I miss Westminster, I miss Kew I love to see it in the spring I miss my Sunday visits to the zoo I miss everything London calls, its music halls, The theatres with the latest plays, In spring or in the autumn, in sunshine, rain, London calls, I must obey. The barrow boys, the lights, the noise In Hoxton on a busy night The happy little sparrows upon the streets Of London when the sun shines bright The Mile End Road, where traffic flowed For many a hundred year The cosy little pubs with quaint old names Open for a glass of beer Brixton in the sunshine on a summer day Limehouse ‘neath a leaden pall Whitechapel at work, Whitechapel at play, I love ‘em all. The busy queues, they air their views Waiting for the bus to stop The silent squares deserted at dead of night Save for an occasional cop. London gives, London gives Happiness to all her friends London for so many is still the place Will the journey end? (Contributed by Bill Huntley - September 2006)


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