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LONDON I LOVE, THE George Posford 1941 as rec by Vera Lynn also rec by- Leslie Hutchinson '41 Frank Barber & his Orch Sam Browne w Ambrose & his Orch I only have to close my eyes And visions of a love arise; Changed though she may be, In dreams I'll always see My London as the daylight dies. Street lamps aglow And news boys calling, City I know With twilight falling; Deep in my heart I keep recalling The London I love. Small cosy bars And cheerful greeting, Long lines of cars And lovers meeting; Under the stars A heart is beating, The London I love. breathless and fast, The crowd hurries past, There's a glow in the London sky. Velvety dark, The trees in the park Touch my heart, and I don't know why! Mayfair hotels, Their windows beaming, Chiming of bells, The river gleaming, You are my dream, I'm always dreaming! The London I love. Bright coloured lights, Palladium nights, And a world that was always gay. All you have been Will stay ever green In my heart till another day. Laughter and song And swing doors turning, When will these things Be more than yearning? Come back, my world, With bright lights burning, The London I love. (Contributed by Peter Akers - October 2010)


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