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LONELY HOUSE (Kurt Weill (m) Langston Hughes (l) ) as recorded by June Christy with Pete Rugolo & his Orchestra January 1954 At night when everything is quiet The old house seems to breathe a sigh. sometimes I hear a neighbour snoring, Sometimes I hear a baby cry. Sometimes I hear a staircase creaking, Sometimes a distant telephone. Then the quiet settles down again, The house and I are all alone. Lonely house, lonely me, It's funny with so many neighbours, How lonely it can be On lonely street, lonely town. Funny you can be so lonely With all these folks around! I guess there must be something I don't comprehend. Sparrows have companions, Even stray dogs find a friend. The night for me is not romantic, Unhook the stars and take them down! I'm lonely in this lonely house, In this lonely town, In this lonely town. (Transcribed by Peter Akers - September 2015)


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