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LONESOME 77203 (Justin Tubb) Hawkshaw Hawkins - 1963 Roy Drusky - 1964 Burl Ives - 1967 Tony Booth - 1972 Darrell Clanton - 1984 Also recorded by: Justin Tubb; Declan Nerney. Had our number changed today, although I hated to But each time the phone would ring, they'd want to speak to you And it hurt to tell them you're not here with me Maybe now, old telephone will let me be It's not in the book now, so you'd better write it down Just in case your love for me should ever come around You might want to call and break the news to me Just call Lonesome 77203 I keep the telephone beside me all the time Hoping you might want to call and say you've changed your mind If you do, then darlin', you know where I'll be I'm at Lonesome 77203 You're the only one I'm giving our new number to So now if the telephone should ring, I'll know it's you If you ever long for love that used to be Just call Lonesome 77203 Just call Lonesome 77203 (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - September 2011)


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