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LONESOME BLUES (Les Reis / Bob Casner, 1922) I've been alone for awhile, I've seem'd to grow out of style, Now I start into realize, Believe me Boy I'm wise, No more stayin' at home, No more sittin' alone, I feel so awfly blue, And I'm lonesome too Cause My imagination strays, Way back to those lonesome days I prayed the lord above For someone to love, Folks never heard my plea And took out neglected me They always passed me by That is why I cry Oh I've got the lonesome blues, I'm steppin' out and I refuse To sit by the fireside When I think of the chances that I lose I'll never stay at home While I can be listening to a saxophone, I'm going down and hear that band Just crooning melody grand You'll always find me there for All my friends I will lose If I've got the lonesome blues.


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