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LONESOME MAMA (Brown / Ickel) as recorded by The Andrews Sisters with Vic Schoen & his Orchestra March 18th 1941 New York Just hear that whistle blow, I want you all to know That train is taking my sweet man away >From me today to-oo-day. Don't know the reason why, And I must sigh and cry, But somethin' 'bout him makes me feel this way, That's why I say - I've got those lonesome mama blues Since my love has been refused. My poor heart's grievin' because he's leavin' me, But wait and see! Some day he'll come back again On that very same old train. I know he'' never find Another gal so good and so kind! Every night upon my knees, I pray the good Lord up above, up above, "Hear my plea, Please send him back to me, The only man I love!". Lord Lord Lord Lord, hear my prayer, now don't refuse, His sweet love don't let me lose!". I'm just a lonesome mama singin' lonesome mama blues, The blues that I can't lose, Oh mama, (scat), Can't lose those lonesome blues, those blues, those blues! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - January 2016)


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