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LONESOME POLECAT BLUES Bobby Darin Bobby: Im a lonesome polecat Lonesome, sad and blue cause I aint got no Feminine polecat Vowin to be true. Oo-oo-Oo-oo-Oo-oo-Oo-oo Cant make no vow To a heard of cows. Johnny: Im a mean old hound dog Bayin at the moon cause I ainât got no Lady friend hound dog Here to hear my tune. Oo-oo-Oo-oo-Oo-oo-Oo-oo A man cant sleep When he sleeps with sheep. Both: Im a little old hoot owl Hootin in the trees cause I aint got no Little gal owl fowl Here to shoot the breeze Oo-oo-Oo-oo-Oo-oo-Oo-oo Cant shoot no breeze With a bunch of trees. Why cant I lose These lonesome polecat blues? (Contributed by Aemoggs - March 2008)


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