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LONG WAY TO HOLLYWOOD Albums: Lonesome On'ry & Mean (97), Seven Bridges Road (72) and Solo/Live (91) (Written by Steve Young) Steve Young Hank Williams (album : New South - 77) Babe, I hate to leave you down here In this one horse town Where the trains run through your early dreams Just to leave an old wailing sound,.. Oh but I'll come back I will return Honey, won't you wait for me? I'm bound to travel the USA Across the desert to the sea (Cause) I've got another song about the south Its white and its black There ain't no banjo on my knee But that songs on my back Chorus: Its a long long way to Hollywood And a short change for fame (Note: one could say "short chance for fame" instead of "short change") All them slicks talk about downhome But I know thats a southern game ***** (Note: The following 2 verses can be left out) When I told them I was leaving You know my mama she cried My grandma looked down the road My old granddaddy he died I love them all I love them all I just hope it ain't too late I hope I can help the ones that left here I hope thats in my fate ***** Repeat chorus I've got another song for all the old people Down in the Georgia night I know their wings are heavy They been on a lonesome flight All the old depression people I know they took a heavy load All their children, my kinfolk's and cousins Still walking on Tobacco Road Well they still talk about Hank Williams Clinging unto his fame Hey, I'm of the same race, I'm from the same place I got the same lonesome blood in my veins Repeat chorus, ..... (Contributed by Sören Sjogren - October 2003)


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