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LOOKING FOR MUGS IN THE STRAND (George Formby Sr) George Formby Senior recorded 1917 Nowadays a man's got to be clever, You can't get along without brains. It's the wise'ns that gets all the money, And the mugs that gets left for the pain. Still it isn't my fault that I'm clever, Though I've oft heard it said London's slow. When I got to London, a chap said to me, "Are you looking for rooms?" I said, "No!" I'm lookin' for mugs in The Strand, I'll find one before I've gone far. It's as easy as winkin' to find 'em, That's if you just know where they are. I'll defy Scotland Yard men to catch me, I've got ways they don't understand. 'Cause while the detectives are lookin' for me, I'll be lookin' for mugs in The Strand! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - March 2017)


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