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LOOK, THE (Bob Russell) as recorded by Dean Martin with Orchestra & Chorus conducted by Dick Stabile 1958 The look, as she passed she flashed that come hither look, The look that was meant for me and for me alone! The look would be out of place in a children's book, The look that could chip a piece off a heart of stone! Consider a bit this interestin' little tableau, A look I could read but where would it lead me to? But mischievous elf, I labelled myself Diablo, And did just exactly what she was sure I'd do! Now at her beck and call, She ties me to the strings of her Spanish shawl! That isn't all, One foot out the door and she gives me the look! I say "Goodbye now!", she puts her foot down, I'm flyin' high now, that's when I'm put down! I wanna die now, she puts her foot down, Freezes me with the look! Someday, if she sashays by you and looks your way, I'd say you'll do well if you overlook the look, The look, The look! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - October 2017)


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