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LOONABILLY ROCK 'N' ROLL (Bob Burgos / Ray Neale) Screaming Lord Sutch & The Savages - 1981 Rock 'n' roll? Rock 'n' roll? Rock 'n' roll? (etc.) Good heavens! Rock 'n' roll? Rock 'n' roll? Rock 'n' roll? (etc.) Whoaf-whoaf 'n' roll! Ha, ha, ha! Aaaaaaw! Loonabilly rock, loonabilly roll Loonabilly stomp, 'cause it's loony rock 'n' roll Chorus Loonabilly, loonabilly, oh, oh ,oh Loonabilly, loonabilly, oh, oh ,oh Loonabilly rock, loonabilly roll Loonabilly, loonabilly, rock 'n' roll You clap your hands in the air Sends a rhythm to your feet You do the boogie woogie To the loonabilly beat Chorus Makes you jump off the grass Spin an' clown around You do the boogie woogie For the second time around Chorus


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