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LOST IN LOVELINESS From the Broadway musical "The Girl in Pink Tights" (1954) (Leo Robin / Sigmund Romberg) Recorded by : David Atkinson; Doris Day; Billy Eckstine; Duke Ellington; Eddie Fisher; Lincoln Center Jazz Orch.; Johnny Mathis; Jimmy Smith. What a thrill you are, What a sight to see, Something the eyes of mortals have no right to see. Am I on the earth or in the sky? Lost in loveliness am I. When I look at you, I forget myself, I could go mad about you if I let myself. Should I let myself, or pass you by? Lost in loveliness am I. I know I'm reaching for a star, What's more, I know how dangerous you are. If I were wise I'd close my eyes Or walk away and worship from afar. In the lonely night, You would haunt my heart, And I would pray that someday you might want my heart. And I'd have to live my whole life through Lost in loveliness, the loveliness of you. (Contributed by lcooper - March 2005)


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