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LOUIE'S GOT THE BLUES Lyrics and music by Joan West Pete Revelle Come dance with me - find your dancing shoes. Can't you hear the sad old songs he plays? Louie's got the blues ... Love that style ... it sets my heart aglow; Lou Rugani's music is on my radio. When Louie spins haunting melodies, Suddenly old wondrous memories all come drifting back to me: Couples dancing ... children in the park ... Lovers strolling hand-in-hand ... kisses in the dark ... Come dance with me, come dance with me ... Play me something blue I can sing to, A tune that will tear me apart. These are the songs we can swing to - The blues goes straight to your heart. Those groovy bands ... Miller was the best ... Tommy Dorsey, Benny Goodman, Louie Armstrong and all the rest ... Those nostalgia movers, they all sang the blues - Sarah Vaughan and Dinah Shore, Frank Sinatra - Perry Como, too. Come dance with me, come dance with me, come dance with me; Louie's got the blues. (Contributed by The Music of the Stars (WLIP) - September 2011)


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