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LOUIS'ANNA BLUES (Howard C. Washington / James S. White, 1920) Down in Lou'siana where the melons grow Lives the sweetest little girl that I love so My oh my heavens above how she can love When she starts a loving I'm in heav'n above Before long you'll see me going on a train That I'm sure will carry me right back again Oh! deario I'm home sick and so lonely I can be cured by you only. Oh! Dearie now I'm wond'ring if you'll ever know Just how bad I feel and that I miss you so With me 'twas the ending of a perfect day It's not clear to me just why I went away Dearie I just want your love and nothing more I want you to love me as you did of yore Sweet heart I am so sad and lonely My heart cries for you only. Oh! I've got the blues the Lou'siana blues My honey how I'm longing just for you Baby I'm wond'ring if you are still true And that is why I feel so blue I can't forget, do you regret The love and kisses that you gave to me How I miss you, your loving kiss Your love so true, 'twas joy and bliss Oh I've got the weary blues, the Lou'siana blues Those weary Lou'siana blues.


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