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LOVABLE & SWEET (Oscar Levant / Sidney Clare (m & l) ) As sung by Annette Hanshaw August 1929 < Lovable & Sweet > (with Ben Selvin and His Orchestra). This song is also commonly associated with Gus Arnheim and His Orchestra during the 1920's and 30s. Duh dum pe dum Duh dum pe dum I'm not lonely Duh dum pe dum I got a real man What an ideal man, now. Duh dum pe dum Duh dum pe dum He's the only duh dum pe dum Person I love Has all of my love and how. Talk about your perfect lover And you couldn't help discover That he's that way, lovable and sweet He's candy. And he's got the arms that thrill ya Lips that seem to whip-or-will ya And he's that way, loveable Just six feet two with eyes of blue. Oh gee, oh gosh Whenever we're all alone Oh gosh and oh gee What happens is simply too good to be. Now, I'm bubblin' over with affection Satisfying to perfection Is he that way, lovable and sweet. (bridge) Talk about your nifty dresser What a lover, some caresser Is he that way lovable buh buh buh doop doop do doodle do doodle do. Do I know just what I'm gettin' When it comes to real live pettin' Is he that way he's so ba da dum, ba da dum, buh doodle doodle do. Inside inside Lotta husbands would lose control His kiss, oh what bliss It weakens the heart, but it turns into soul. And although he's such a nice man Could I love any nice man Yes, he's that way, he's so... He's very loveable And oh so sweet. That's All! Notes: (Catherine) Annette Hanshaw, an American, was a blues and jazz singer from the 1920s and early 1930s and was purportedly one of the first female jazz singers of that era. She was known as 'The Personality Girl' or later as the 'The Flapper Girl' by her followers and fit the 1920s period perfectly with her flapper style and sweet innocent-sounding voice. She often ended her songs with the cute tag "That's All". see MY BLACKBIRDS ARE BLUEBIRDS NOW or THE ONE IN THE WORLD for examples. Some consider the later Hanshaw, a 'torch singer' along with the likes of Ruth Etting, Mildred Bailey, Jane Froman and Bebe Daniels. Strangely, she thought her abilities 'wanting' by her own standards and retired early to married life, after only 15 years in the business. The music LOVABLE & SWEET is derived from the soundtrack of the 1929 B & W radio picture < Street Girl > but Hanshaw did not sing it in the movie. This foxtrot tempo song is considered a jazz classic today. Hanshaw sung scat more often, later on in her career. There are several renditions of these lyrics to be found, scattered throughout the music archives. (Transcribed by David Story- April 2014)


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