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LOVE AIN'T NOTHIN' BUT THE BLUES From the film "Chasing Rainbows" (1929) (Lyrics: Joe Goodwin / Music: Louis Alter) Charles King (Film Soundtrack) - 1929 Frankie Trumbauer & His Orch. (vocal: Smith Ballew) - 1929 Ted Wallace & His Campus Boys - 1930 The Boswell Sisters - 1930 When love gets in motion And knocks at your door You never have a notion Of what you're in for It brings you joy and sorrow Makes you beg and borrow Tears your heart apart And leaves its mark evermore Funny stories never make you laugh Your heart's in two, she's got the other half All you're left with is a photograph Love ain't nothin' but the blues Never wake up with a smiling face Always teardrops on your pillowcase Aching heart that nothing can erase Love ain't nothin' but the blues Way down deep in your heart Hope is fading like a rose You're just playing a part Praying that nobody knows Once you lived up in the sky above Sitting on a world just built for love Something happened and you got a shove Love ain't nothin' but the blues (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - February 2018)


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