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LOVE CHILD Diana Ross & The Supremes - 1968 You think that I don't feel love But what I feel for you is real love In other's eyes I see reflected A hurt, scorned, rejected Love child, never meant to be Love child, born in poverty Love child, never meant to be Love child, take a look at me I started my life in an old, cold run down tenement slum My father left, he never even married mom I shared the guilt my mama knew So afraid that others knew I had no name This love we're contemplating Is worth the pain of waiting We'll only end up hating The child we maybe creating Love child, never meant to be Love child, (scorned by) society Love child, always second best Love child, different from the rest Mm, baby (hold on, hold on, just a little bit) (2x) I started school, in a worn, torn dress that somebody threw out I knew the way it felt, to always live in doubt To be without the simple things Sop afraid my friends would see the guilt in me Don't think that I don't need you Don't think I don't want to please you No child of mine will be bearing The name of shame I've been wearing Love child, love child, never quite as good Afraid, ashamed, misunderstood But I'll always love you I'll always love you (5x)


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