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LOVE DON'T LAST LONG (Chuck Howard) Ringo Starr - 1970 Her mother wrote a letter Said she thought it would be better If she would just stay gone She knew of her condition But she wouldn't give permission For her to come back home So she called the boy who loved her But all he did was snub her Said, "Face it on your own" Mmmmmmm, love don't last long A young man was unlucky And got busted in Kentucky Asked his dad to go his bail But his dad had big ambitions With the local politicians Told his son to go to hell He hung himself that mornin' And the note that they found on him Said "Dad, please take me home" Mmmmmmm, love don't last long A woman told her husband She lived every day to love him Nothing else fits in her plans Then without a warning He came home from work one morning Found her there with another man In a fit of anger He took her life and the stranger's Then he took his own Mmmmmmm, love don't last long (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - December 2011)


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