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LOVE IS Leslie Bricusse / Robin Beaumont as rec by Alma Cogan 1958 love defies description, It varies with company and clime, Depending where you are, who you're with, What you're doing at the time! Love is a Bombay curry, Love is but not to worry, Love is too hot to hurry, Love is! Love is a red hot candle, Love is a white hot scandal, love is too hot to handle, Love is! Love is happy as a sand boy, Fit to beat the band boy, But shy as "Hold my hand", boy! Love is an April shower, Love is a sun-kissed flower, Love is a fateful hour, Love is! Oh, love is a flowing fountain, Love is a mighty mountain, Love is what film stars count in, Love is! Love is a cuddly bunny, Love is a pot of honey, Love is a lot of money, Love is! Love is an unrolled umbrella, Or the Cinderella Who became a Rockefeller! Love is a potent drink, dear, Love is to mention mink, dear, Love is more than you think, dear, Love is! Love is sleepy as a pillow, Weepy as a willow, Dreamy as "O Solo Mio". Love is a home at Specklers, Love is a life that's reckless, Love is a diamond necklace, Love is! (Contributed by Peter Akers - December 2009)


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