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LOVE IS AN OLD MAID'S DREAM Cy Coleman (m) Joseph McCarthy (l) Marion Montgomery w orch cond by Dave Cavanaugh rec Aug 1964 Hollywood Through my years of painfully unenlightened girlhood, I worshipped anything in pants! All through school, I giggled and sighed like any girl would At any mention of romance! A kiss is merely nature's Mickey Finn! I hate to think how terribly naive I've been! I've had my fill of desert islands, Of Spanish moors and Scottish islands; Goodbye to Latin quarters, Back my bags and call the porters! Love is an old maid's dream! I've had all kinds of benefactors, >From big tycoons to scrawny actors! I've been from top to bottom, Had 'em down but never quite got 'em! Love is an old maid's dream! I used to tell myself, "Why worry? Some day your handsome prince will come!"; Now, if my lover doesn't hurry, I-, I-, I'll burn the bum! At every turn, I've met disaster, At times I run but they run faster! Let's face it boys, I've had it! Here's the score and you can add it! I'm on the losin' team, 'Cause love is an old maid's dream! At times I wish that I could break loose, But here I am, a loveless recluse; Don't tell me your troubles, brother! Why don't you go home to your mother Before I start to scream? 'Cause love is an old maid's dream! (Contributed by Peter Akers - January 2009)


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