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LOVE IS SUCH A CHEAT (Hollander / Marks / Caesar) as recorded by The Andrews Sisters with Vic Schoen & his Orchestra A gypsy comin' from the marketplace Ran right into a pretty face, And you know what that means! Lots of money in his jeans, The girl just in her teens; The scene is Transylvania Where love is such a mania! The gypsy came from Bucharest, The girl she came from Budapest, Now you can guess the rest! So the wine begin to flow, And so did all his dough, They dance a little, drank a little, Dance a little, drank a little. Gypsy played his violin, She sang to him a song of sin, Her head upon his chest. Bright and early dawn, Found the girl had gone, Leaving gypsy, Gypsy wondering why! Love is such a cheat, Love that should be sweet Leaves and never even says goodbye! One thing is certain, When you're flirtin' You will always come to grief! Doctor, lawyer, Tinker, tailor, Soldier, sailor, Beggarman or thief! If there's a heart within you, You'll continue Ever to be cross. If there is a miss to kiss, You'll kiss the miss And ever you'll be lost! Love was ever thus, So why all the fuss? Gentlemen and ladies, dry your tears! Though your hearts may ache, Young hearts never break, You'll love and you are fooled Through all the years! And it's the same in Oklahoma, In Tahiti and Tacoma, Where the ladies are concerned. Here's a lesson to be learned, Your fingers will be burned, He'll sing fo you And play for you And turn night into day for you! They get you feeling in the pink With every glass of wine you drink, Till you forget to think! And the first thing that you know, You're lookin' for your dough, You're looking for the lady too Who didn't say goodbye to you! The wine goes in, the truth comes out, You wonder what it's all about, And boy do you feel blue! So don't try to be sweet To every girl you meet, For you'll discover love is such a cheat! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - July 2015)


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