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LOVE IS THE REASON (Arthur Schwartz (m) Dorothy Fields (l)) as recorded by Blossom Dearie (vocal & piano) with orchestra conducted by Russ Garcia February 1960 Love is the reason you were born, Love was the gleam in papa's eye! People suddenly meet, People suddenly fit, People suddenly hit, And brother, that's it! Personally, Love is a kick in the pants, Love is the aspirin you buy! If you're flappin' your fins, If you're climbin' a wall, There must be a reason for it all; What is the reason for it all? Love is the reason for it all! Love is the night you can't recall, Love is the extra drink you drank! Love's a shot in the arm, Love's a poke in the ribs, Buyin' bottles and bibs, And fillin' up cribs! Obviously, Love is an old fashioned trap, Ten million suckers walk the plank! If you land on your tail Every time that you fail, I can't see the reason for it; Who needs a reason for it? Love is the reason for it all! All night the teasin' in the hall, Hallways are lovely for a call. Call it the season, I say love is the reason for it all! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - October 2017)


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