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LOVE, KISSES AND HEARTACHES (Morrel / Fields) as recorded by Maureen Evans 1960 Love, kisses and heartaches, All the time it's love, kisses and heartaches! I tried to believe you, But your love is fickle as a summer breeze! Love, kisses and sorrow, Hoping that you'll say you love me tomorrow! I wouldn't deceive you, But it seems that all you want to do is tease! One day I'm high, one day I'm low, I never know which way the breeze is gonna blow! I try to forget you, Even try to wish that I never met you! Then there'd be no heartache, But the moment that we love and kiss, My heart becomes an optimist, And I'm sure someday my heartache will be through, And I'll be left with love, kisses and you! Oh love, kisses and heartache... (Transcribed by Peter Akers - July 2019)


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