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LOVELESS LOVE (W. C. Handy) Alberta Hunter - 1923 Fats Waller - 1926 Blanche Calloway & Her Joy Boys - 1927 Tiny Parham & Johnny Dodds (Instr.) - 1927 King Oliver & His Dixiw Syncopators (Instr.) - 1928 Ben Pollack & His Orch. - 1931 Jack Teagarden & His Orch. - 1931 The Mills Brothers - 1932 Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys - 1936 Billie Holiday - 1940 Charlie Spivak & His Orch. - 1942 Louis Armstrong & His All Stars (vocal: Velma Middleton) - 1954 Duke Ellington & Johnny Hodges (Instr.) - 1959 Also recorded by: Katharine Handy Lewis; Benny Carter; George Melly; Casa Loma Orchestra; Humphrey Littleton; Sidney Bechet; Harry James; Johnny Maddox; Dinah Shore; Kid Ory; Freddy Gardner: ............. and many others. Love is like a hydrant, it turns off and on Like some friendships when your money's gone Love stands in with the loan sharks when your heart's in pawn If I had some strong wings like an aeroplane Had some broad wings like some aeroplane I would fly away forever never to come again For love oh love oh loveless love Has set our hearts are gold-less gold From milk-less milk and silk-less silk We are growing used to soul-less souls Such grafting times we never saw That's why we have a pure full law In everything we find a flaw Even love oh love oh loveless love (Musical Interlude) Just to fly away from loveless love ***** Extra opening verse as recorded by Katharine Handy Lewis: Love is like a gold brick in a bunco game Like a banknote with a bogus name Both have caused many downfalls Love has done the same ****** (Contributed/Transcribed by Bill Huntley - August 2005)


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