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THE LONELY ONE (Roberta Heller / Lenny Hambro (m & l)) Kitty Kallen 1956 There is a very quiet girl (boy) they call ‘the lonely one’ There's sorrow in her face and sadness in her eyes And if you look into the heart within ‘the lonely one’ You'll find it's been deceived by broken vows and lies. Is it good to have pride, with a longing to hide all your heartaches and fears Is it wise to be cold, and to struggle to hold back the tears If you could only see the girl (boy) they call ‘the lonely one’ You'd know that since you're gone, ‘the lonely one’ is me. (short bridge) You know that since you’re gone The ‘lonely one’ is me. NOTES: Kitty Kallen is best known for her 1954 #1 hit single, ‘Little Things Mean a Lot’. Kallen sang with Artie Shaw in 1938, then joined the Jimmy Dorsey Band and then sang with the Harry James Orchestra during the 1940s. (Transcribed by David Story - December 2013)


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