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LOVE MAKES SWEET MUSIC (David Allen / Kevin Ayers / Mike Ratledge / Robert Wyatt) Recorded by : Gong; Bon Scott; The Soft Machine; University Of Errors; The Valentines. Every night it's the same old scene Drinking wine cos you're scared to dream But you know that things will get better If you let your dreams get wetter than wine It's just a waste of time When it's dark and you hear your heart beat Walk down moonlight's lonely high street Something sings and you feel sunshine But you know you're full of moonshine, too It's staring at you Love makes sweet music Makes you want to shout out Love makes sweet music Makes you want to run, makes you want to shout out Makes you want to cry, makes you want to run to... her Every day it's the same old tune Tell yourself it's coming soon When it comes it comes so fast You get worried cause that thing won't last with her Then you're back where you were


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