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LOVE ME AS I AM Frank Loesser (m) Louis Alter (l) Frank Sinatra w Tommy Dorsey & his Orch rec May 28th 1941 New York I snore in my sleep, I'm always late for dinner, And my table cloth doosdling is notorious! Ah, but lovely one, keep this romance glorious, And love me as I am! I dream while I drive, I linger in the shower, And there isn't much rhythm in that waltz of mine! Ah, but lovely one, skip those little faults of mine, And love me as I am! And don't try to make any changes, It wouldn't be worth your tears! Don't try to make any changes, 'Cause my mother's been tryin' for years! I sing when I drink, I never cap the toothpaste, And my company manners are deplorable! Ah, but lovely one, tell me I'm adorable, And love me as I am! (Contributed by Peter Akers - February 2009)


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