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LOVE REMAINS (Tommy Douglas / Jim Daddario) As sung by Collin Raye on [Love Remains] 1996 We are born one fine day Children of God on our way. Mama smiles, daddy cries Miracle before their eyes. They protect us 'til we're of age Through it all, love remains. Boy moves on, takes a bride She stands faithful, by his side. Tears and sweat, they build a home Raise a family of their own. They share joy, they share pain Through it all, love remains. Kingdoms come and go but they don't last. Before you know the future is the past. In spite of what's been lost or what's been gained We are living proof that love remains. (bridge) I don't know, baby what I'd do On this earth without you. We all live, we all die But the end is not goodbye. The sun comes up, and seasons change Through it all, love remains. That eternal burning flame Hope lives on and love remains. Notes: Collin Raye is an American singer and bass guitarist from Arkansas. Although he is known primarily for his country pop work, often his songs also reflect social issues and many know him for this. Such topics have included child abuse, alcoholism, religion, wars, and death. Interestingly two of his best known songs (emotional offerings as they are) are often requested for weddings and funerals, the former perhaps being IN THIS LIFE 1992 and the latter LOVE, ME 1991. (Transcribed by David Story May 2014)


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