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LOVE'S GOT ME IN A LAZY MOOD (Edward R Miller (m) Johnny Mercer (l) ) as recorded by June Christy with Orchestra conducted by Pete Rugolo 1957 I'll tell you why The days go by Like caterpillars do, And clouds are cotton blossoms in a field of blue, Love's got me in a lazy mood. I'll tell you why Stars in the sky Pick ev'ry night to shine, And why the moon's a watermelon on the vine, Love's got me in a lazy mood. When a bright and early sun begins to steam it up, You'll find me underneath the nearest tree, Picking petals off a daisy while I dream it up; Just the absent minded kid, that's me! I'll tell you why I don't reply To mail that's overdue, And why I never answer when I'm spoken to, It isn't that I'm really rude, Love's got me in a lazy mood, Love's got me in a lazy mood. (Transcribed by Peter Akers - December 2014)


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