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LOVE THY NEIGHBOR From the film "We're Not Dressing" (1934) (Harry Revel / Mack Gordon) Bing Crosby - 1934 Raymond Paige Orch. (vocal: Three Rhythm Kings)- 1934 Will Osborne & His Orch. (vocal: Will Osborne) - 1934 Victor Young & The Brunswick Studio Orch. - 1934 Henry Hall & His Orch. (vocal: Les allen) - 1934 Richard Himber & His Orch. - 1934 Dean Martin - 1974 Also recorded by : John Coltrane; Eric Alexander; Bobby Gordon; Ruby Braff; Edmundo Ros; Dick Oatts. Never treat others with scorn We're only here 'cause we're born Although you're way up, you may not stay up Stop tootin' your horn While most of the wealth you possess High on the hill of success On friendship you never should frown You'll meet the same friends on the weary way down Oh, love thy neighbour, walk up and say, "How be ya?" "Gee! but I'm glad to see ya pal, how's tricks, what's new?" Love thy neighbour, offer to share his burden Tell him to say the word "n" you will see him through Especially if there should be a beautiful girl next door Say to that girl next door, don't think I'm bold, But my mother told me to...... Love thy neighbour, and you will find your labour A great deal easier, life will be breezier If you love thy neighbour (Contributed & Transcribed by Bill Huntley & Mel Priddle - October 2004)


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