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LOVIN' IS LIVIN' Jimmy Van Heusen (m) Sammy Cahn (l) as rec by Marian Montgomery w Orch cond by Dave Cavanaugh August 1964 Hollywood Lovin' is a-livin', Anything else is tacit! Anything else is Paris Compared to Manhasset! What do you think a fellow whispers "please!" for? Drops to his knees for? He's hopin' that she's for What he's for! Lovin' is livin', It never gets archaic! It's like a night in Vegas Compared to prosaic! Go to the top of some tall buildin', And give yourself a little shove If you don't know lovin' is a-livin' And you're not alive If you're not in love! Lovin' is a-livin, Each kiss is like a tonic! It's like the whole world singin' In stereophonic! Go find yourself a heavyweight, A-walk right into his glove If you don't know lovin' is a-livin', And you're not alive If you're not in love! You're not alive, No, not if you're not in love! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - July 2012)


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