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LUAU (Bruce Morgan) The Beach Boys - 1961 The Smugglers - 1994 Loop-dee-loop-doop-doo-wow Loop-dee-loop-doop-doo-wow Loop-dee-loop-doop-doo-wow Loop-dee-loop-doop-doo-wow Let's have a luau (Loop-dee-loop-doop-doo-wow) Let's have a ball (Loop-dee-loop-doop-doo-wow) Let's have a luau (Loop-dee-loop-doop-doo-wow) Invite one and all (Loop-dee-loop-doop-doo-wow) No need to dress up (Loop-dee-loop-doop-doo-wow) Come as you are (Loop-dee-loop-doop-doo-wow) You'll bring the cola (Loop-dee-loop-doop-doo-wow) I'll bring my guitar (Loop-dee-loop-doop-doo-wow) Girls do the hula Boys will all sing We'll have a luau (Loop-dee-loop-doop-doo-wow) Won't miss a thing (Loop-dee-loop-doop-doo-wow) You don't need to live in the islands To have a lot of fun Just pretend your daddy owns An island in the sun Let's have a luau (Loop-dee-loop-doop-doo-wow) Let's do it right (Loop-dee-loop-doop-doo-wow) Have lot's of music (Loop-dee-loop-doop-doo-wow) Hula all night (Loop-dee-loop-doop-doo-wow) When day has ended (Loop-dee-loop-doop-doo-wow) Night shadows fall (Loop-dee-loop-doop-doo-wow) We'll have a luau (Loop-dee-loop-doop-doo-wow) Really have a.......... Loop-dee-loop-doop-doo-wow Loop-dee-loop-doop-doo-wow Loop-dee-loop-doop-doo-wow Loop-dee-loop-doop-doo-wow (Transcribed by Monique Adriaansen & Mel Priddle - July 2004)


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