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LUCKY BOY (Words & Music : Irving Berlin) First verse (sung by "The Boys") Your smiling face is an open book young man We know that look young man you must be oh, so happy. It's just a case of a love that took, young man There are quite a few who envy you. First chorus (sung by "The Boys") Lucky Boy she's a beautiful thing Lucky boy will you give her a ring? Lucky boy we suppose in the Spring You will take your pride and joy on a train And her leather suitcase will contain bits of satin and lace It's as plain as the nose on your face. How we envy you Lucky Boy First verse (sung by Robert Adams) I must confess that you pave the way for me You really say for me the things I want to tell you. You'll never guess what a lucky day for me When I found that she had chosen me First chorus (sung by Robert Adams and "The Boys") Lucky Boy she's a beautiful thing. Lucky boy I'm as proud as a King. Lucky boy when I give her the ring Can't you see me jump with joy with a cheer And a "whatta we care" we'll appear in a bungalow where In a year may be three of us there How we envy you Lucky Boy.


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