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EL LUGAR (The Place) (Francesco Bruno / Di Martino / Richie Havens) Richie Havens (vocal) with Francesco Bruno (guitar) and Orchestra recorded 1993 Where has beauty gone? She's hiding all her light from us, Leaving only dark dark night to embrace us. Oh can't we really see When we stumble to that place, Where everything is the same, And there is no blame? How can we speak the words we need to hear, Words that bring us so much closer? We try so hard to break away from fear. How can we hear the words we need to feel, Words that bring our hearts much closer? We try so hard to break away and really care, They teach us all not to dare, When we have so much to lose, When we have no time to choose, For the world to begin, To begin. How do we live the words, life we can touch? Life that brings our heads much closer, A life where freedom lives in all the things we give. We all need to know when will we reach the place, Where sunshine reaches everything, Where all our children laugh and play for ever? There'll be no walls too high to climb, Then there will be a happy time, Then for love we'll find a rhyme, Yes, for love we'll find a rhyme. (scat) The place! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - March 2016)


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