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MADONNA MIA Al Capone Mark Demmin In a quaint Italian garden While the stars were all aglow, Once I heard a lover singing To the one that he loved so. In that quaint Italian garden, Neath the starry sky above, Every night he'd serenade her, With his tender song of love: "Madonna mia, You're the bloom of the roses; You're the charm that reposes In the heart of a song. Madonna mia, With your true love to guide me, Let whatever betide me, I will never go wrong. There's only one moon above, One golden sun. There's only one that I love - You are the one. Madonna mia, This I vow here before you: Till the end I'll adore you, Madonna mia." Once again I see that garden - Many years have hurried by. I can see that sweet Madonna - There's a teardrop in her eye. For her soldier has departed - Left his loved one with a sigh. She said "I will wait forever" As he sang this last goodbye: "Madonna mia ... " (Contributed by Lou Rugani - The Music of the Stars - June 2009)


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