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MAGGIE'S DREAM (Dave Loggins / Lisa Silver) Don Williams Maggie's up each morning at four am By five at the counter at the diner Her trucker friends out on the road will soon be stoppin in As the lights go on at Cafe Carolina Maggie's been a waitress here most all her life Thirty years of coffee cups and sore feet The mountains around Ashville she's never seen the other side Closer now to fifty than to forty Maggie's never had a love She said she's never had enough Time to let a man into her life Aw but Maggie has a dream She's had since she was seventeen To find a husband and be a wife Maggie knows the truckers most by first name What they'll have to say and what they'll order And they take her in their stories to places far away And leave her with the dishes, dreams and quarters And she relies upon the jukebox on the lonely afternoon When the business starts to slow down she plays the saddest tunes And she stares off down the highway and she wonders where it goes Nobody to go home to and it's almost time to close (Contributed by Bette Carl - October 2002)


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