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MAGIC WINDOW (Jimmy Van Heusen (m) Johnny Burke (l) ) as recorded by June Christy with The Joe Castro Quartet 1960 I suppose there's a lot you've never heard of, In a way you're a very lucky lad. In the books that you haven't ever read a word of, There's a great bunch of friends you've never had. I envy the fun you've got in store, Doing what you haven't done before. Someday you'll be looking through a magic window, And you'll see yourself sail off with Captain Kidd. What adventures you'll enjoy, And you'll be the only boy To discover where the treasure chest was hid, And if I remember, that's what I once did! I remember looking through a magic window, And I saw myself teach Robin Hood to aim, Then what mischief I got in Meetin' Huckleberry Finn, And I sighed through that magic window frame; You can bet your bottom dream you'll do the same! With your nose against the glass and your elbows on the sill, You'll be a partner of Buffalo Bill, Or help solve a case with Sherlock Holmes, Or you'll get to go with Gulliver each time he roams. Grownups don't know where to find that magic window, But it's any window little boys look through! There's so much for you to see, So don't ever say to me That you've got a lot of growing up to do, 'Cause I wish that I were growing down to you! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - October 2014)


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