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MAIL MYSELF TO YOU (Woody Guthrie) Recorded by : John McCutcheon; Fred Penner; Earl Robinson; Pete Seeger; Wally Whyton. I'm a-gonna wrap myself in paper, I'm gonna daub myself with glue, Stick some stamps on top of my head; I'm gonna mail myself to you. I'm a gonna tie me up in a red string, I'm gonna tie blue ribbons too, I'm a-gonna climb up in my mail box; I'm gonna mail myself to you. When you see me in your mail box, Cut the string and let me out; Wash the glue off my fingers, Stick some bubble gum in my mouth. Take me out of my wrapping paper, Wash the stamps off my head; Pour me full of ice cream sodies, Put me in my nice warm bed. (Contributed by boB Cartlidge - November 2003)


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