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MAKE IT ANOTHER OLD-FASHIONED, PLEASE From the Broadway Show "Panama Hattie" (1940) (Cole Porter) Ethel Merman (Broadway Production) - 1940 Leo Reisman & Orch. - 1940 Mitchell Ayres & Orch. - 1940 Xavier Cugat & Orch. - 1940 Bea Wain - 1940 Ann Sothern (Film Soundtrack) - 1942 Julie London - 1962 Ernestine Anderson - 1967 Since I went on the wagon I'm certain drink is a major crime For when you lay off the liquor You feel so much slicker Well, that is, most of the time But there are moments, sooner or later When it's tough, I've got to say, not to say ... Waiter Make it another old-fashioned, please Make it another double old-fashioned, please Make it for one who's due to join the disillusion crew Make it for one of love's new refugees Once high in my castle, I reigned supreme And oh, what a castle, built on a heavenly dream Then quick as a lightning flash That castle began to crash So, make it another old-fashioned, please Leave out the cherry Leave out the orange Leave out the bitters Just make it a straight rye! (Transcribed by Monique Adriaansen & Mel Priddle - February 2004) ******************** SELDOM HEARD ADDITIONAL VERSE: Once I owned a treasure, so rare, so pure The greatest of treasures, happiness safe and secure But like ev'ry hope too rash My treasure I find is trash So make it another old-fashioned, please ********************


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