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MAKE THE NIGHT JUST A LITTLE LONGER (Gerry Goffin / Carole King) Tammi Terrell My days are years 'cause I don't see my baby Till the stars are in the sky & every night when we can be together Time just seems to hurry by CHORUS: So Lord I'm beggin' you to make the night (just a little longer) Make the night (just a little longer) So I can kiss him (just a little longer) & hold him tight (just a little longer) You made the world the way you thought it should be So won't you make the night a little longer for me? My nights are warm, 'cause when he hugs & holds me Everything just feels so fine But Lord, you know, I hate to see the sunlight Takes away that man of mine (chorus) (Just a little longer, just a little longer) (instrumental) (chorus) Then embrace his arms (just a little longer) Capture all of his charms (just a little longer) Please Lord, make the night ...& fade


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