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MAKING IT BIG IN AMERICA Brendan O'Loughlin Brendan O'Loughlin I'm playing the honkytonks and bars Trying to imitate the Doors and the Cars Irish rock and rhythm and blues Trying to make it big in America Phoenix, Dallas and Montreal Got to entertain you one and all Some people think that I'm quite good I'm glad cause I can't go home again I've just turned forty five Good God am I still alive, sure I'm all right The booze and stuff's catching up I'm not sure if I've had enough, but I'll survive I've got to play these reels and gigs So I can hold down theses few Irish gigs The Dublin House and the Inisfree I'm sure you'll all have me back again Four long years in this here town Hoping the freeways don't come tumbling down Driving in the fast lane, trying to get to the gig Always dreaming of making it big Shannon to New York, and back again I think this is as far as I've ever been Would you like a cocktail, sir Oh'Oh !!!!!! No thank you ma'am (Contributed by - May 2008)


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