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MA LITTLE SUNFLOW'R, GOODNIGHT (Fredrick W. Vanderpool / Louis Weslyn) Lee S. Roberts - 1918 Sun is sinkin' low, ma Honey, Goin' down behin' de hill; Shadows slowly fallin' Evenin' birds a-callin'. Heah de lonely whip-poor-will. Close yo' droopy eyes, ma little sunflow'r, Stars will soon be shinin' bright; Snuggle to ma breast, Sneak away to rest, Ma little sunflow'r, Good night. Night is comin' on, ma honey, Ev'ry thing is mighty still; Moon will soon be beamin', All de world a dreamin', 'cept ol' mistah whip-poor-will Sandman loafin' 'round. Ma little sunflow'r, Boun' to stay till morn-in' light: Tuck yo' kink-y head In yo' co-zy bed, Ma little sun flow'r, Good night! (Contributed by allmanserv - January 2006)


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