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MAMAÏÉBA (Composer/Lyricist - Hazzard) Nana Mouskouri Gentle breeze blows, so softly wakes the morning (wakes the morning) The air is still, see the night is yawning (night is yawning) Feel the warmth of the first shy yellow sun rays falling (sun rays falling) Hear the birds sing, a newborn day are calling In this life filled with loneliness and sorrow (sorrow) Where dark are the dreams and the paths are narrow (paths are narrow) Let your heart, freedom, peace, love, tenderness to follow (to follow) Singing these words: "Think of a new tomorrow" (Refrain) Ooh, mamamaïé.mamaïéba.(mamaïéba) (x4) Children's laughter around with smiling faces (smiling faces) Like flowers bloom, know no tribes or races (tribes or races) Give them love, give them hope and music from all places (from all places) Eagles fly high, always to find new spaces (Refrain - repeated several times until music fades out, with Nana singing "Mamamaïé.mamamaïé.mamamaïé." in the background)


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